Once US Federal Contractor Registration approves a business for enrollment in the Simplified Acquisition Program there are several strategies businesses are encouraged to implement to increase their chances at winning available opportunities. Businesses must establish relationships with government buyers, distribute their Capability Statement and/or Government Formatted Website, and work towards establishing Past Performance for their business. Every tier of the Simplified Acquisition Program from the completion of the SAM Registration to the finished product of the Government Formatted Website will prepare a contractor for the road ahead. Hundreds of contractors have created a vast portfolio of excellence in government contracting thanks to the implementation of the Simplified Acquisition Program.

Picking the Best NAICS Codes (North American Industry Classification System)

North American Industry Classification System codes (NAICS) determine which contracts a business can bid on and which specific services a business can provide in the federal marketplace. According the Small Business Administration, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) classifies business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the US economy. These codes define establishments based on the activities in which they are primarily engaged. These codes are also used for administrative tasks, contracting, and tax purposes. The SBA uses these codes as a basis for all of its size standards. When the Federal government intends to acquire goods or services from a government contractor, it identifies the codes that describe the principal purpose of that procurement.

Contacting Purchasing Officers/Government Buyers

One of the many benefits of the Simplified Acquisition Programs is that it includes a comprehensive list of Procurement Officer and Government Buyers that have a history of buying goods and/or services that your business provides. This list will be used as a key component when laying the ground work to creating lasting government relationships. At the end of the day Government Buyers are people. They trust business owners that are proactive enough to reach out to them, ask questions and are ready to take action with their solicitations. Businesses that refuse or neglect to be proactive in marketing their business directly to Government Buyers will not see the same success as businesses who are applying these techniques. Establishing real business relationships with procurement officers and speaking with them on a first name basis can give your business the advantage it needs to be successful. Government buyers are constantly searching for businesses to fill their available contracts. If your business can be a main source of services for even a small government department, it can drastically increase the revenue of your business. A business must want success, and making these connections will push their business forward in the world of government contracting.

Marketing your business on FedBizOpps (FBO)

FebBizOpps or better known as FBO is the primary federal resource where procurement officers from across the nation post their solicitations that are priced over $25,000. While the program is designed to help small businesses win simplified acquisition contracts, the marketing solutions have also assisted in winning sealed bid contracts and contracts by negotiations that can be for millions of dollars. It is important to make sure your business creates an alert for monthly bid notifications on FBO. If you happen to find a contract that fits your business make sure to add yourself to the interested vendors list on the solicitation. That way, the procurement officer will be able to view your federal profile. These solicitations also show government buyer contact information at the bottom of every page. If you are going to contact these buyers make sure you have a your elevator pitch memorized and a basic bid proposal ready to send after your phone conversation. Send the government buyer links to your government formatted website in order to begin the federal branding process.

Creating a Bid Proposal

The number one thing to remember about bid proposals is that they are all different. Every government proposal should be specifically created customized for every bid proposal. That is why it is so important to introduce yourself and your business to procurement officers prior to creating a bid proposal. Some bid proposals require a listing of materials and prices that would be required for consideration. Businesses should develop a basic sample template with all their government information. This can even be used as an attachment in the introduction email. Once the details of the solicitation have been figured out, your business can build off of the template already made to save time.

Below is a video that shows how to put together a basic government bid proposal:

Take Part in a Training Session

US Federal Contractor Registration provides comprehensive training session with on-staff Acquisition Specialists. These specialists will discuss multiple government databases. Some of these databases include FedBizopps (FBO), SubNet, the Federal Procurement Data System, USASpending.gov, and more. Federal training is extremely important when it comes to conducting market research and networking with government buyers. Understanding how federal databases operate is half the battle in government contracting. Training helps business familiarize all of the federal information that is presented to them. Every US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist is certified to enroll businesses into the Simplified Acquisition Program. Acquisition Specialists conduct the required qualification process in order to determine if a business is a good fit in the federal marketplace. Once the qualification process has been completed and a business has been approved, they will begin training the business for the road ahead.

Below is a video example of a US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist speaking at a convention in downtown Chicago, IL.

* Please Note: All businesses must conduct a qualification process with a certified US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist prior to enrollment in the Simplified Acquisition Program. Us Federal Contractor Registration is the only licensed company to legally issue businesses the Verified Vendor Seal and conduct the enrollment process of the Simplified Acquisition Program.