First Year Goals

Winning your first contract is exciting. There’s no doubt about that. However, your first year is going will be focused on turning your business into a fine-tuned machine that’s constantly landing these opportunities. To do that, you’re going to fixate on three main areas. You’re going build relationships, master the bidding process, and develop your strategy. Here are your first year goals:

Building Relationships

Networking is just as important in government contracting as it is in the private sector. That’s why USFCR will provide you with a list of contracting officers and prime vendors who work with businesses in your industry. This will be your starting point for your working relationships in government contracting.

  • Get contracting officers and prime vendors to view your business as viable.
  • Provide them with your capabilities, past performance, or references via your SAP Online Capabilities Statement.
  • Find out the purchasing tendencies of contracting officers on your list when they award new vendors.
  • Market your set-asides with the angle of helping agencies reach their goals.
  • Understand the standard practices of communication with federal agencies.

Master the Bidding Process

  • Learn how to search for and identify opportunities that are suited to your business.
  • Understand the different types of contracts awarded by the federal government.
  • Become well-versed in properly formatting and submitting your offers.


Developing Your Strategy

  • Research your competition in the federal marketspace. Learn what makes them successful and emulate it.
  • Win or lose, always request a debriefing from contracting officers.
  • Know when your competitor’s contracts come up for renewal.
  • Establish one central point of contact between the government and your business.
  • Develop your long-term federal business plan.

* Please Note: All businesses must conduct a qualification process with a certified US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist prior to enrollment in the Simplified Acquisition Program. Us Federal Contractor Registration is the only licensed company to legally issue businesses the Verified Vendor Seal and conduct the enrollment process of the Simplified Acquisition Program.