First Year Goals

for Vendors Enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program


Success in Federal Contracting is measured by proper business growth. A Business competing in the Federal Sector is competing on a National scale against many serious competitors. A business needs to grow and adapt their strategy to be successful in the arena. A deep understanding of the Federal buyers and competitors is key to winning contracts. The first year your business needs to base success on the following:


  • Build relationships with key purchasing officers identified with your list of Top Contracting Agents and Prime Contractors.
  • Get purchasing officers to see your business as viable. Provide them with past performance or references.
  • Find out what attributes each different purchasing officer looks for before awarding contract to new vendor.



  • Submit bids for all work that is acceptable. Keep researching your opportunities from the notifications sent from
  • Adjust bidding strategy based on contractor de-briefs (adding products, services, pricing, etc).
  • Submit competitive and proper bids that are considered for award.



  • Understand who are the market leaders for your industry in the Federal Marketplace.
  • ┬áPlace your government website in all areas you place your private sector website.
  • Know the key types of contracts that are awarded.
  • Know when contracts come up for renewal (are they three year, one year contacts, etc.)
  • Identify what makes current competitors successful. You can research your competitors’ past contracts by using the Federal Procurement Data System.
  • Properly use your selling features (Small Business Set-Asides, WOSB, VOSB, etc.)