The Simplified Acquisition Program is designed to make small businesses compliant with FAR 13 and the simplified acquisition environment. The Simplified Acquisition Program is designed to help both large and small businesses win government service contracts between $10,000 and $250,000. The Simplified Acquisition Program is a vital solution to becoming successful in the federal marketplace for small businesses looking to compete in the no bid-contracting arena.

Why the Simplified Acquisition Program is effective

Procurement officers use the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) to review federal contracts that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold. FAPIIS is a system that is designed for large vendors requiring many hours to be updated for each awarded contract. Simplified acquisition contacts are designed for small businesses and can be awarded without the contracting officer referencing FAPIIS since they are under the $250,000.00 threshold. Simplified Acquisition Contracts give an edge to businesses with limited or no past performance in that they by-pass FAPIIS which is a past performance retrieval system. Simplified Acquisition contracts offer an easier federal buying process for both the purchasing officer and small business vendor. Unlike a normal bid where vendors must supply an exact quotation for the services or goods, a simplified acquisition contract allows Procurement Officers to pay with SMART Pay Cards or blanket purchase agreements. Simplified Acquisition purchases, like micro-purchase agreements, simplified acquisition contracts can be issued immediately and in large volume if required.


First Steps for Registration in the Simplified Acquisition Program

Does Your Business Qualify for Government Contracting?

US Federal Contractor Registration conducts a preliminary procedure that will determine if a business qualifies for government contracting. This qualifying procedure is conducted for every business looking to work with the United States Federal Government and enrolling in the Simplified Acquisition Program. This qualification process utilizes the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), FebBizOpps (FBO),, and Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) to evaluate a business’s chances at winning government contacts. The government qualifying process will do the following:

  • Discover available contracting opportunities for your business
  • View previously awarded contracts in your specific industry
  • Determine the federal competition rate for your business type in the federal marketplace.
  • Find spending growth in certain federal agencies along with related spending trends

The government qualification process will determine if Federal Contracts and the Simplified Acquisition Program are an option for your business.


System for Award Management (SAM) Registration

SAM is the required database in which every business that wishes to work for the government must be registered in as of July 2012; SAM replaced the legacy contractor registration databases of CCR & ORCA. US Federal Contractor Registration is the leading government registration firm in the world that has conducted over 65,000 government registrations since 2010. Their dedicated Case Managers handle the entire process of the registration and keep maintain yearlong compliance. The simplified acquisition program requires proper registration as well as the Verified Vendor Seal Compliance. Verified Vendor Seal Compliance is a service only offered by US Federal Contractor Registration.


Official Government Profile Creation in Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS)

Once a business has been registered in SAM they will be set up in a database that acts much like a search engine. Procurement Officers use Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) when they are looking for a small business to fill an available small business federal set-aside contract. With the Simplified Acquisition Program your business will be easily found on DSBS when Procurement Officers search selected keywords or information that is related to your business. US Federal Contractor Registration’s Case Managers will create the necessary profile and enrich it with important keywords and phrases that will help your business be seen.

Under Far 13 it is required that purchasing officers search for Small Business Vendors to meet set-aside goals and DSBS searches are the main qualifier to find these businesses. Having the profile properly set up makes sure that all relevant opportunities are presented to qualified businesses.


Monthly Email Bid Notifications & Contract Support

Another stage of the Simplified Acquisition Program is creating a business profile in FedBizOpps (FBO). FBO is the Federal Government’s main contracting bid board that accounts for 1/3 of all the currently available government contracts in the federal marketplace. US Federal Contractor Registration will generate automatic bid notifications based on your business model, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, and trade keywords. A US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialist will help determine which keywords, NAICS codes and solicitation types will deliver the best odds for finding and winning contracts. These available bids will then be sent directly to the email of the businesses enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program.


Complete Government Business Plan with Direct Access to Buyers & Prime Vendors

Government contracts between $3,500 and $25,000 are sometimes never posted to a bid board and never actually seen. In fact, there are thousands of government contracts that are never posted online that are kept aside by Procurement Officers. US Federal Contractor Registration will provide your business with a list of procurement officers (and the prime contractors, for subcontracting) to contact about their unlisted available federal contracts/simplified acquisition contracts. Businesses are encouraged to be extremely proactive when contacting these Procurement Officers to create a good first impression. US Federal Contractor Registration Acquisition Specialists show each business how to develop an elevator pitch and submit a government bid proposal. This strategy will give your businesses the upper hand needed to create lasting relationships and a fighting chance at winning simplified acquisition contracts.


Website Creation in Standard Federal Format

Every Simplified Acquisition Program comes with government-formatted website that will provide your business with an easily accessible online platform to showcase your government portfolio. Each website comes with up to seven pages that include: a Landing page, Vendor Profile, References, Past Performance, Products and/or Services, Contact page and Photo Gallery. Each website is expertly designed to bypass government spyware and firewalls to make it easier for Procurement Officers to find. All of the websites come with a branded domain name; web hosting, limited updates for one year and built in Search Engine Optimization features for widely used search engines. The government-formatted website provides a Procurement Officer with all the federal information initially needed to be considered for a simplified acquisition contract.


Training for the Simplified Acquisition Environment

Every Simplified Acquisition Program Participant gets yearlong training. The training includes the following: Bid Proposal Template Creation Training, Contract Competitive Search Assistance, Federal Contract Updates, Contractor Debrief Detailed Analysis, along with custom coaching.

Unlike other federal programs, the Simplified Acquisition Program provides businesses with all of the necessary tools a business needs in the federal marketplace. US Federal Contractor Registration created the Simplified Acquisition Program to allow contractors to start winning listed and unlisted awards, network with procurement officers, and provide vendors with an online portfolio necessary for simplified contract acquisition under FAR 13.

The Simplified Acquisition Program is only offered by US Federal Contractor Registration,
the official Third Party Registration Firm, no other vendors are authorized to perform or qualify for this program.

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